Custom Fabrications

Build the Perfect Custom Ventilation System

We provide custom fabrication services for HVAC systems in Lubbock, TX
Many property builders and owners choose to use prefabricated ventilation systems for their buildings. But instead of trusting your temperature control needs to an off-the-shelf solution, consider a ventilation system that’s made with your property in mind.

Lubbock Sheet Metal provides custom ductwork for homes and businesses in Lubbock, TX and surrounding areas. Our custom metal fabrication work can give you a more efficient HVAC system that will help you save money on energy bills.

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Discover the benefits of custom ductwork

When you choose custom metal fabrication for your property, you’ll be able to enjoy benefits like…

  • Reduced noise from your air system
  • Better circulation of air throughout your building
  • More balanced airflow

We also design our custom air ducts for longer continuous use. By tailoring your system to your property’s year-round needs, you’ll be able to make the most of your system for longer than the average pre-built HVAC system.

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